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Fellowships Series

There are awards for students at all stages (undergraduate, graduate, professional) – and even alumni. It is never too early to start learning about these opportunities.

Mondays from 4-5pm at the Rotunda Multipurpose Room (121)
*Special Events are also listed below.
Make sure to note the unique times and places for those events.

22 April | UK Awards (Ex. Churchill, Ertegun, Gates, Marshall, Mitchell, & Rhodes)

A number of excellent graduate school opportunities in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Come learn what they are, what it takes, and how the University of Virginia can support you. Interested but not sure if you are qualified, come find out for sure. Thirds years are strongly encouraged to come and start early.

29 April | Awards for STEM Students

There are just as many – if not more – fellowships for STEM students. This session will explore some of them, as well as general fellowships that many STEM students exclude from consideration but shouldn’t!